Monday, August 16, 2010

Why You Should Get Involved

SGA's Department of Health and Wellness has only been around for a few months, but a lot has been accomplished in the short period of time it's existed. Its members are passionate about helping students become the best they can be in all areas of life, and we work to ensure that UMBC environment is one that allows them to do just that.

Because health and wellness is a holistic concept, the deparment's scope is broad. Our biopsychosocial approach means that we consider students' physical, social, emotional, spiritual, mental, sexual, (and any other "-al" you can think of) health in our definition of wellbeing. Our projects have ranged from ensuring that vegetarians and vegans have reliable food options on campus to helping the counseling center market its services and assist students. Whatever your passion, you're almost sure to find not only a place within the department, but a group of students who care as deeply about an issue as you do.

If you're willing to work to improve conditions on campus for all students, help people live healthier, more productive and enjoyable lives, have a lot of fun, and learn a great deal along the way, this department is for you. To apply, simply fill out the application and email it to We look forward to meeting you and hearing your awesome ideas.

Be Well!

SGA Department of Health and Wellness

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