Physical Health

University Health Services FAQ
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Q: Can I go to UHS if I don’t have insurance or cannot afford a visit?

A: UHS will work with students who do not have insurance and no one will ever be turned away because of financial difficulty. UMBC also offers health insurance plans that students and faculty can purchase so that they are covered throughout their stay at the school.
Charges for visits will be billed to your UMBC account and you will receive a bill for any labs that are requested. Charges include payment for visits (copayments if students have insurance), medications, etc. Students should be aware that it can sometimes take a few weeks for UHS bills to post to their accounts -- you should ask staff members before you leave the center how much you will be charged for your visit, and monitor your umbc billing account after visiting the health center to ensure that you don't accrue late fees.

Q: Can UHS perform immunizations?

A: UHS performs many immunizations including MMR, Tetanus, Meningitis, Hepatitis A&B Seasonal Flu, and H1N1. If you would like a specific immunization that they do not currently have in stock, they can order it.

Q: What sexually transmitted disease/infection screenings does UHS do?

A: UHS provides full screenings for sexually transmitted diseases/infections. Specify which you would like and they can perform the test.

Q: What types of practitioners are there at UHS?

A: UHS has Nurse Practitioners (CRNP) and Medical Doctors (MD) on staff. The CRNP is available during all normal hours at UHS while the MD’s are available 20 hours a week, a few hours each day.

Q: What is the difference between and Nurse Practitioner (CRNP) and a Medical Doctor (MD)?

A: A CRNP can perform all of the same functions as an MD except the inability to prescribe narcotics; which requires the authorization of the MD.

Q: Can I choose which provider I would like to specifically see?

A: You may ask to see a specific provider by mentioning this when scheduling your appointment. Certain providers are only available on certain days and at certain times so if the provider you would like to see is not available when you are, you may have to see someone else.

Q: What do I do if UHS is closed and I need to speak with someone about a medical problem?

A: You may contact the UMBC Police at 410-455-5555 and they will get in contact with an on-call medical practitioner from University of Maryland Family Medicine who will return your call. The on-call medical practitioners are available 24 hours a day, every day of the year. If necessary, you may call 911 during an emergency.

Q: If I’m under the age of 18 will my parents be notified of any services I receive at UHS?

A: Only under extreme circumstances would a parent be notified of services received at UHS excluding sexual health and drug issues which are completely confidential.