Who We Are

UMBC SGA Department of Health and Wellness

We are a new SGA department that began our work in Spring 2010. We focus on issues of student advocacy and on improving conditions at UMBC so that every member of our community has the resources and support they need to develop healthy habits and to truly enjoy life. Because health and wellness are holistic concepts, our department operates from a biopsychosocial perspective. This means that we consider students' physical, social, emotional, spiritual, mental, sexual, (and any other "-al" you can think of) health in our definition of wellbeing. Our projects have ranged from ensuring that vegetarians and vegans have reliable food options on campus to helping the counseling center market its services and assist students. Whatever your passion, you're almost sure to find not only a place within the department, but a group of students who care as deeply about an issue as you do.