UMBC Vegan and Vegetarian Options
Check out this awesome pamphlets designed by one of our formers Health and Wellness members and reps from Chartwells. If you're vegan or vegetarian and are wondering what some reliable meal options on campus could be for you, check this out! Thanks to all who did great work on this!

Fresh Fusions -- All Vegetarian and Vegan Eatery on Campus
Fresh Fusions is an all vegetarian/vegan eatery in the Commons across from Outtakes and Jow-Jing. You can use your meals and the portions, quality, and variety is pretty great. Definitely feel free to give feedback, and click here to check out the weekly rotating menu.

Fitness and Sports
Check out the free fitness classes and sports clubs offered on campus

Yoga and Women's Issues
The women's center is located on the ground floor of the Commons next to the Yumm Shoppe (on the side across from the Registrar). Home to a huge library of books and resources, free tea and movie showings, a meditation/lactation room, and friendly staff, the Center is a good place to go for anyone looking to get help, learn more about the conditions women live in around the world and have experienced throughout history, or get involved at UMBC. Both men and women are welcome, "so long as they respect women, their stories, their experiences, and their potential."

Freedom Alliance works to support Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender students, faculty, and staff and all allies. 

Multiculturalism and Spirituality
Find out where you can learn more about different religions, cultures, spiritual beliefs and viewpoints. UMBC has an interfaith center available for worship and the Mosaic Center regularly hosts workshops and luncheons to discuss relevant topics regarding diversity. 

Think something's missing? We do too. It's your input and the topics you want on this page. Email umbchw@gmail.com to get involved.